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2021 New Member Starter Challenge
For a LIMITED TIME* spend $299 and SAVE OVER $200!!! 😍
Do you really want to see positive, lasting change in your health and fitness? 🙌🏻  Then listen up! Because we've got a winning formula!

Our experienced team of trainers has done all the planning and thinking for you and better still, they've made it a whole lot of fun!

All you have to do?.... TURN UP & PUT IN THE EFFORT!

Join an unlimited number of any of our pack sessions each week. That's 40min of exercise designed to boost your metabolism, enhance fat loss, increase strength, improve conditioning and performance and to stretch and tone.

So if you want to see change, make the change, take the plunge.
COMMIT to 5 WEEKS of TURNING UP with us!
5 WEEKS! - You can do that.
$ 229.00

Sign up BEFORE 1st Feb 2021 and get 10 days gifted! Unlimited Pack Session Membership Your own MyZone MZ-3 The best gym buddies you will find!

You’ll receive: 
✅ A Safe start Induction
✅ 5 weeks UNLIMITED Group Training Sessions!
✅ Supportive professional team alongside you? 👭🏼🧍🏼‍♀️👫❤️
✅ A Myzone MZ3 - the no.1 accountability tool in the industry.
✅ 10 days EXTRA on us!! 😯
✅ THE best gym buddies you could ever meet!
* If you’re serious about making change you must lock this in BEFORE 1st Feb 2021 🗓

We get a big kick out of seeing our members go from strength to strength.
We guide them, with a firm focus on technique and function, to achieve what some see as the impossible. 

So don’t let age, weight, past injuries or nerves hold you back.
Walk through our doors and feel at ease, feel welcome, feel like “actually with these people behind me I can do anything!”, because you can!
Our team of experienced trainers are here to help you. We have a variety of options to suit your fitness needs.

Pack Lite Group Training

Pack Lite is a perfect start for those entering the gym environment for the first time, getting back into it after being away or those recovering from injury. Each session is taken by a personal trainer and a physiotherapist.


Pilates Equipment Foundation Course

Pilates reformer and trapeze equipment provide an amazing tool for toning and global conditioning. Join this 6 weeks course to learn the foundation principles of pilates!


Pack Group Training

Personal training multiple times a week gets results! Pack Group Training Sessions make this an affordable option!


MyZone - Rewards Effort

MyZone is amazing technology that provides feedback on your activity. Use it as a safety measure or accountability partner. However you do it will help you get the results you're after!


1:1 Personal Training

Our friendly team of personal trainers will help you get results faster.



We're doing everything we can to delivery a top service within safe facilities. We need your help so please click through to read more.



  • The pack sessions are HIGH intensity and quick! Great to have 2 x PT's encouraging and advising on how to better ones technique. A great addition to Masterton!
  • Am loving the pack sessions at The Hubb. Having two P.T.s at every session is great, the team change it up on a daily basis but end result after 40 mins is always the same - a big sweaty mess! Equipment and facilities are awesome and the app makes it so easy to book sessions at the last minute. Best thing for me is it is very addictive and lots of good habits are being made to combat the years of abuse this old bod has had!
  • Went along to The Hubb with my sister to see where her motivation to workout everyday was coming from! Boy oh boy was I not disappointed! I absolutely loved it! Vicky and Kev were our instructors for the evening and wow! They were both so motivating and the encouragement made you feel like you could smash records! I definitely 11/10 recommend The Hubb to anyone of any fitness level to become a member. This type of fitness doesn’t keep you indoors for hours. 45 minutes that’s it! 45 minutes of high intensity interval training at your own pace with endless encouragement, the benefits are limitless. It’s not like any old gym where you’re just a number. They know your name and engage in conversation and are there to help you, help yourself to smash your goals! Cannot recommend enough!
  • Absolutely love the enviroment at The Hubb! Amazing trainers, amazing equipment and amazing members !! Keep up the great work team !!
  • The pack sessions are a high intensity group training session which changes daily, you turn up and your workout is planned for need to think about what you are doing. Two awesome trainers every time encouraging you and ensuring your technique and form are correct. The pack sessions are very much based on the individual and what your capable of doing at your own pace, however you find that you will push yourself more in this training. Highly recommend

If you’re looking for a fitness facility with something a bit special, 
you’ve found it! 
The Hubb will not disappoint with the absolute best equipment, cutting edge technology (MYZONE) and a passionate and experienced team of 
health and fitness professionals.
We're passionate about working with you to ensure that, regardless of your level of fitness or how big or small your goals, you get results!

Push play to meet the team and see our members in action!

At The Hubb we know, that for you to establish a habit, you need to love what you're doing!
So we keep you guessing with new pack sessions everyday, fun in house challenges on a regular basis, more serious ones for those who like a bit of competition and general shenanigans on daily basis to keep the mood light and enjoyable!
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Have you got any questions? We would love to hear from you.

The Hubb
9 King St
Phone (06) 377 4422 (Extn 3)

Monday - Thursday        0615 - 2000 
Friday                                0615 - 1700
Saturday                           0715 - 1100
Sunday                             Closed
Public holidays               Closed