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Club Rules & Etiquette
Accidents & Incidents

  • Please notify the duty manager of any accident or incident on our premises. 

  • This facility has been designed with your best health in mind.

  • Our culture is one of respect for all members, guests and staff.

  • Your health and safety is of paramount importance to us and abiding by the suggestions above will ensure that your experience and that of others delivers on the high service standards that The Hubb aspires to.


  • High standards of personal hygiene must be maintained and members must take opportunity to deodorise prior to enjoying our facilities.

  • Appropriate attire to be worn at all times. This includes clean, closed in footwear.Bags, coats, and mobile phones are not permitted in training spaces.

  • At all times, towels must be utilised when using equipment. If you don’t bring one, you can hire one from reception for a low cost.

  • In the interests of everyone’s cleanliness and hygiene, please wipe down equipment after use with the spray and towels provided.

  • When you have finished with equipment please put it back in storage locations provided.

  • Inappropriate or aggressive behaviour towards staff, guests or other members may result in your being asked to leave our facility.

  • If you are unable to attend a class you have booked – please cancel this online or through your smartphone app to allow the space to be utilised by another member.

Health & Safety

  • Members are required to attend a scheduled induction session prior to use of the facility.

  • As you will be instructed in safe use of the equipment, The Hubb is unable to accept liability for injury or harm caused to individuals using the equipment.

  • It is the responsibility of the member to schedule their induction at the earliest suitable time.

  • Pre-activity readiness questionnaires will form part of your sign up process.

  • Guests will need to sign a waiver form prior to entry into any studio.

  • Avoid drugs or alcohol prior to exercise.

  • Please ensure you have received instruction on the use of equipment prior to commencing any new exercises.

  • No unsupervised children in the studios.

  • No glass containers, hot beverages, or food are allowed in the studios.

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