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Keeping you safe while you workout.
If there is one thing COVID is a reminder of, it's that our health matters!

We want all our members, returning and new, to be assured that our space is safe for them to work on their health and fitness.

Below is a guide to just some of the things we are doing and asking of you in order to keep our facility safe.
Safe from COVID and other viruses that will surface in the winter months ahead.

We want you to know that we are united with Back In Action and Beauty Within Boutique (whom we share our building with) on the standard of care we will be delivering at The Hubb. 
You can be assured that each one of us is operating under the guidance and standards outlined by our governing bodies and the Ministry of Health. 

Our aim: to continue to deliver an amazing service under new conditions.

We want you to feel safe in our space and to give you the best experience while you are here!
As we head into winter it’s all the more important to keep your body in tip top shape so that, should you need to fight off any nasties, your body is in the best condition possible to do so.
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Please stay home if you are unwell.
Return only when you have been free from symptoms for 48hrs
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If you wish to attend a Pack session please ensure that you BOOK your place. Our sessions are back to normal numbers but we will reduce again if  indicated for physical distancing.
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Please bring a towel with you to every session.  This is to manage perspiration by placing on equipment.
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Please bring a full drink bottle to ensure you remain hydrated throughout your gym session.  Water is available for purchsae at reception.
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Please sanitise your hands on entry and exit of the facility. Units are located throughout the building. Soap and water is just as good.
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Please clean equipment after independent use.
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Help us to keep COVID and other winter virsus out! And smiles, laughter and positivity in!
Thank you for doing your bit to keep The Hubb Health Club safe!