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Choosing the right membership is important and so we're happy to help guide you, 
taking into account your health and fitness goals and work/life schedule.
Do you really want to see positive, lasting change in your health and fitness? πŸ™ŒπŸ»  Then listen up! Because we've got a winning formula!

Our experienced team of trainers has done all the planning and thinking for you and better still, they've made it a whole lot of fun!

All you have to do?.... TURN UP & PUT IN THE EFFORT!

Join an unlimited number of any of our pack sessions each week. That's 40min of exercise designed to boost your metabolism, enhance fat loss, increase strength, improve conditioning and performance and to stretch and tone.

So if you want to see change, make the change, take the plunge.
COMMIT to 5 WEEKS of TURNING UP with us!
5 WEEKS! - You can do that.
$ 229.00

Sign up BEFORE 1st Feb 2021 and get 10 days gifted! Unlimited Pack Session Membership Your own MyZone MZ-3 The best gym buddies you will find!

You’ll receive: 
βœ… A Safe start Induction
βœ… 5 weeks UNLIMITED Group Training Sessions!
βœ… Supportive professional team alongside you? πŸ‘­πŸΌπŸ§πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ‘«β€οΈ
βœ… A Myzone MZ3 - the no.1 accountability tool in the industry.
βœ… 10 days EXTRA on us!! 😯
βœ… THE best gym buddies you could ever meet!
* If you’re serious about making change you must lock this in BEFORE 1st Feb 2021 πŸ—“
Make the best start

Safe Start Induction

The Safe Start Induction session is a 40 min complimentary session available to all members.

Your Safe Start Induction includes the following:

  • A review of your physical activity readiness questionnaire (completed on sign up) and discuss the goals of your membership.
  • Bblood pressure check
  • MyZone monitor introduction (if required)
  • Overview of the gym equipment available within our facility.

The Safe Start is recommended for all members and therefore you will be prompted to make your Safe Start booking on sign up. 

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Pack Memberships
Make a commitment and it becomes a habit and before you know it you are seeing big changes in how you feel inside and how you look on the outside.
Our Pack Membership is by far our most popular as allows access to pack and pack lite trianing sessions as many times a week as you wish.
These sessions are functional fitness at its best and are led by personal trainers and physiotherapists (pack lite).
  • Direct Debit or Pay-In-Full options

  • No sign up fees

  • Contract: Open Ended

  • Cancellation Terms: 14 Days

Commit to getting results with a Pack Membership
Choose from any of the four options below.
$ 44pw
Pack Membership

Safe Start Induction. Umlimited Pack Sessions. Independent gym use.

$ 745
4mth Pack Membership

Safe Start Induction. Umlimited Pack Sessions. Independent gym use.

$ 1040
6mth Pack Membership

Safe Start Induction. Umlimited Pack Sessions. Independent gym use.

$ 1980
Annual Pack Membership

$300 savings and a MyZone MZ3 gift! Safe Start Induction. Unlimited Pack Sessions & gym use.

Gym only Memberships
Whether you have the self dicipline or want to just use your gym time to be left to focus on your personalised training plan the gym only membership options are for you
A gym only membership offers independent use of the gym facilities and the ability to attend a pack session for a discounted rate of $8.
  • Direct Debit or Pay-In-Full options

  • No sign up fees

  • Contract: Open Ended

  • Cancellation Terms: 14 Days

$ 26pw
Gym Only Membership

Safe Start Induction Gym only use $8/ pack session

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$ 1350
Annual Gym Only Membership

Safe Start Induction Independent gym use. $8/pack session. 30% off MyZone - MZ3

Casual Visit Options
For a number of our members making the most of a standard membership isn't easy due to travel and lifestyle.  If you can't make it into The Hubb more than twice a week then this if the affordable option for you!
  • Non-Member Safe Start Induction Recommended

  • Waiver Required

  • Full up-front payment

  • 10 Concession valid: 6mths

$ 20
Club Visit

Come and use the gym independently or join in on a single Pack Session.

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$ 185
10 Visit Concession

Buy a ten trip and save! The 10 trip has an expiry of 6mths.

Affiliate Membership
Our affliate membership has developed from the desire for members who have moved out of the region to stay engaged with the pack and with the expertise of our trainers.
The affiliate membership is an online affiliation with the club.
  • Includsion in MyZone challanges

  • Access to online videos

  • Access to our private members page

  • Discounted Pack Sessions when you're in town - $18

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$ 6pw
Affiliate Membership

Stay connected from home Entry to MyZone challenges Support from certitifed experienced trainers. Access to videos.

$ 6pw
Affiliate Membership + MyZone

Purchase a MyZone with your affiliate membership Stay connected from home Entry into MyZone challenges Support from certified, experienced trainers. Access to videos.


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