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Our five week starter pack sets you up with all you need to kick start your Hubb journey and experience all it has to offer.

5 weeks membership, your own personal MYZONE belt and $120 saving means you're getting 3 weeks membership on the house!

If you're looking for a top class facility and team to train with then come and tour our facilities, meet the team and grab this deal!
$ 209.99

5wks membership MYZONE belt Safe start Induction. Independent Gym Use. Unlimited Pack Sessions.

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Excellent Facillities & Equipment

Our purpose built facilities will not disappoint. All Hubb equipment is brand new and top of the range.

A Team That Cares

The Hubb team is committed to your health and well-being and providing a friendly and encouraging environment for you to work away at your goals.

Leading The Way With Technology

We found the most accurate and versatile wearable and we're bringing it to YOU! MyZone will track every bit of effort you exert in your day and more!

Make the best start

Safe Start Induction

The Safe Start Induction session is a 40 min complimentary session available to all members whether you are participating in a personal training program or not.

Your Safe Start Induction reviews your physical activity readiness questionnaire and blood pressure. It includes a MyZone monitor introduction (if required) and overview of the equipment available within our facility.  Your pack leader will also gain a sense of what you hope to get out of your membership; the goals and targets and your current level of conditioning and function.

The Safe Start is recommended for all members and therefor you will be prompted to make your Safe Start booking on sign up. 

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Our standard memberships are great value for money and our pack membership in particular open the door to regular input and guidance from personal trainers with two in every pack and pack lite session. Pack Memberships also allow unlimited attendance at pilates and flexibility sessions. A great combination and perfect formula for getting RESULTS!
  • Fortnightly Direct Debit

  • No sign up fees

  • Contract: Open Ended

  • Minimum Term: 1 Month

  • Cancellation Terms: 14 Days

$ 40pw
Pack Membership

Personalized Safe Start Induction Independent Gym Use Unlimited Pack Sessions!

$ 26pw
Gym Only Membership

Personalized Safe Start Induction Independent Gym Use $8/ Pack Sessions

Annual Membership

When you set a goal for your health and well-being the best thing to ensure you stick to it is to commit! Our annual memberships are not only value for money but they help you to make that commitment to yourself for a healthier, happier you!
  • Full upfront payment

  • No Sign Up Fee

  • Contract: 12 Months

  • Cancellation Terms: 14 days

  • Early Termination Terms Apply

$ 1680
Annual Pack Membership

Personalized Safe Start Induction Unlimited Pack Sessions & Gym use Our Gift: MyZone Belt (Valued $129.99) Annual Membership savings: $400

$ 1350
Annual Gym Only Membership

Personalized Safe Start Session Independent Gym Use $8/ Pack Session 30% off Myzone belt

6mth Membership

We know that sometimes it's difficult to commit to a full year membership so we've split it in two offering a 6mth option.
  • Full upfront payment

  • No Sign Up Fee

  • Contract: 6 Months

  • Early Termination Terms Apply

$ 840
6mth Pack Membership

Unlimited Pack Sessions & Gym use

Find the best

Club Visit Options

For a number of our members making the most of a standard membership isn't easy due to travel and lifestyle.  Our one off and concession options make it easy to pop in when you can.
  • Non-Member Safe Start Induction Recommended

  • Waiver Required

  • Full upfront payment

  • 10 Concession valid: 6mths

$ 18
Club Visit

Come and use the gym independently or join in on a single Group Training, Pilates or Flexibility Pack Session.

$ 165
10 Visit Concession

For those that would love a membership but aren't available enough to make the most of it.