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Member benefits!

Sharing the love!

When you're thriving it's only natural to want to see others in the same positive space.
Our pay it forward scheme is our way of saying thanks!

Thanks for caring enough about the health of others that you encourage them to join you and develop healthy habits and see results that last. 
And thanks for your support of us and our quest to see more people recognise the importance of looking after their health and well-being, and in doing so, find a place to join, belong and thrive! join, belong and thrive!
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Member Workshops
There's always more to learn.
Complimentary mini workshops and education sessions are run on a monthly basis to educate and inform members around topics relating to technique and movement, nutrition, MyZone, in-house challenges and much more!

Practical workshops will have limited numbers and therefore booking is essential to secure your place.
Details of this month's workshop are found in the newsletter and facebook members group.
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Member Social Evenings
The more the merrier!
Member evenings are a great time when we get together to get to know one another, celebrate success and achievements, announce new challenges have a jolly good time!
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Book your pack on the app!
For quick and easy bookings on the go:
1. Download the Gymmaster Member app from the App store.
2. Login using your Hubb account email and password.
3. Book your pack session or personal training sessions on the go!