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Mums & Bubs

10 week program

Starting Wednesday 12th February - 10:30am

Sessions focus on:
 - Restoring pelvic floor
 - Pelvic stability
 - Postural alignment
 - Increasing fitness & strength!

Sessions incorporate:
 - Pilates & Yoga
 - Functional training
 - Strength training
(Suitable for those with babies 8wks - 12mths)
"Bouncing back" after having a baby is really not that simple. A woman's body goes through many changes during pregnancy and a marathon during labour. Our bodies don't just bounce back from these amazing experiences and so it's important that we gently lead them through a tailored program to restore function and allow us to move back into doing the activities we love. 

Our Mums & Bubs program kicks off on Wednesday 12th February. Designed by post-natal certified trainer Corrina Paine. She is passionate about seeing mums recover well post-natally and thrive.

So if you or someone you know are a new, or relatively new mum (with a baby 8 wks - 12mths), join us for this amazing 10 week program. 

Spaces are limited so dive right in and sign up today