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Personal Training.

Work with our team of friendly encouraging and experienced personal trainers.

Make the best start

Safe Start Induction

The Safe Start Induction session is a 40 min complimentary session available to all members whether you are participating in a personal training program or not.

Your Safe Start Induction reviews your physical activity readiness questionnaire and blood pressure. It includes a MyZone monitor introduction (if required) and overview of the equipment available within our facility.  Your pack leader will also gain a sense of what you hope to get out of your membership;

the goals and targets and your current level of conditioning and function.

We recommend Non-Members (those on concession or regular casual visitors) also book in for a Safe Start induction. The cost for casual member is $45.

We recommend for those doing independent workouts that they book a PT session approx 4 weeks after joining to progress to a fresh, more challenging tailor made program that keeps you on track to reaching your goals.

Member            $0

  • Health Questionnaire

  • Blood Pressure Check

  • MyZone Introduction

  • Goals & Program Setting

Personal Training

Whether you have a PT session a couple of times a week, a month or even a year you will have a different program every time. Our trainers like to keep things fun, innovative and focused on driving you towards your goals.

30min - 1:1 PT Session          $45.00

60min - 1:1 PT Session          $70.00
  • Results based

  • Have Fun!

  • Motivating

  • Accountability

Strength In Numbers

Exercising with friends is always good fun so partner up and try our 2:1 sessions where you and a friend train together under the guidance of one of our awesome trainers.

We can scale the intensity and movements to suit the abilities and goals of both clients. These 30min sessions are challenging, a great deal of fun, results driven and cost effective.

If you would liketo book a 2:1 PT session please talk to your PT or contact reception. This option is not available for booking through the member / non member booking portal.

30min - 2:1 PT Session          $30.00 pp

  • Fun With Friends!

  • Share the Cost

  • Challenging

  • Resuts based