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Pilates Reformer 
Foundation Course
Posture, strength and flexibiltiy
The Pilates Foundation Course is aimed at those interested in learning more about pilates and using the pilates reformer to compliment their workout.

This beginners course will equip you with the fundamental principles of pilates and basic exercises to kick off your pilates journey.

Please note these sessions do not include a tailored pilates program. These individualised plans are developed within a 1:1 personal training session.

So if you want to work on your posture, strength and flexibilty goals then book in and learn the benefits of pilates by grounding yourself first with the basic principles.

The next 6 week block courses start the week of the 22nd February 2021

Thursday - Spaces available 10:30am
Friday - FULL!
Max of  6 per class so REGISTER NOW!

About your trainer:
Corrina Paine is the principal pilates trainer at The Hubb Health Club.
Corrina has Bodymind Pilates certification and is a qualified classical  pilates instructor (Mat) and classical pilates reformer specialist, she has been teaching pilates for the last 10 years and LOVES it!
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  • FRIDAY - FULL! THURSDAY 10:30 available

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6 Weeks Beginners Course Pilates Foundation Principles MAX 6 PER CLASS Non-Refundable